Keep The Blues Alive

The Guitar Workshop, online guitar lessons! Learn to play Guitar, Acoustc guitar Blues lessons or Hawaiian slack Key gutar lessons. This is Bruce Lamb the Founder, Videographer and Editor here and it's hard to believe but this will be our 16th year in business as The Guitar Workshop also know as TheGTW and we are very excited to offer you these new On-line Acoustic Guitar Lessons.

We have over 40 hours of lessons available now on-line and much more being edited every day so much more is coming real soon. Looking fror free guitar lesson you've come to the right spot.

In the sample videos we provide you will learn to play blues guitar and learn how to play guitar in the hawaiian style of Slack Key guitar. Ki hu alu. Learning to play guitar is a challenge, but with our lessons you can learn to play guitar just by watching the great video shots.

You will see exactly where you place your fingers, Many of the video lessons out just don't get it. Guitar lesson have to be shot correctly.and thats what i try to provided the best shot availble to learn to play guitar.

Our free guitar lessons can also be found in our app In the Apple iTunes Newsstand, Click on the Magazine cover over in the left colume to down load the free App.

Our Instructors:

All of our world class instructors have won multiple awards for their guitar playing and teaching and half of them have won the prestigious Grammy award.  All of our instructors show that it is there passion to teach and quite simply are the best instructors available at what they do.

If you are either a beginning guitar player, intermediate, or advanced player seeking to improve your chops, or licks and guitar tricks,

We have the Acoustic Guitar Lessons for you. We have  guitar lessons that include. Rock and Roll, Bottle Neck Slide Guita lessonsr, Finger Style Guita lessonsr, Blues Guitar lessons, Flat Picking Guitar, lessons Ragtime Guitar lessons, Lap Style Guitar lessons, and the sweet Hawaiian Ki ho 'alu Slack Key Guita lessonsr.